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Thread: Nin Online - 2D Naruto MMORPG

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    Nin Online - 2D Naruto MMORPG

    Nin Online is a 2D Naruto MMORPG project that has recently been revived by me and Kite (Robin), the creator of Naruto Realm. The game is going to be completely remade, with 100% New and Custom Sprites & Graphics. Robin is going to base the game's code of his DirectX8 Engine for Life Essence.

    In the game, you can choose from a couple of villages, Sand, Mist and Leaf are confirmed, and start as a Normal Person, you can then enroll in an academy to start learning the basics. At a certain level, you can take a Genin Test which, if you pass, will change your rank Genin. There will also be Chunnin Exams and such.

    Heres a kewl feature we have planned, In order to use jutsus, you will need to perform a series of hand seals which you can place on hotkeys. At certain levels and ranks you can learn new handseals which will allow you to get perform more, and harder Techniques. Every Jutsu has a unique combo of hand seals which can be read and learned through Libraries in villages or through sharing of other players.

    Theres more in the forum...

    The forum is pretty empty right now, I'd appreciate if some of you could come fill up the place and let it be more lively, I like having a community to show off my work to.. =P

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    Thumbs up is it ready to play

    sounds awesome is it ready to play

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    yeah it seems interisting
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    its sounds cool.=).

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    could you tell us when th game is up and running?

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    Must try for the Naruto fans, or at least RPG lovers.
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    Thumbs up


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    The hand signals could get really brutal. How hard do you intend to make the hand signals? 30 letter seals for difficult jutsu?

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    Well he started the thread in
    was the rules not in at that moment?
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